periscope is a space for realising projects of young artists . A periscope is an instrument for observation from a concealed position. This name seemed to fit: in under water concealed submarines they give a panorama view of the surface. periscope stands für a glimpse of another new sphere, stands for deliberatly seeking contact, and stands for readily connecting. periscope:project:space is an event-led artist run space for young (visual) artists, which exists and operates since 2006 in the City of  Salzburg, Austria. Ever since then periscope continuously helps realising, presenting and promoting projects of young contemporary artists. It is an ambition to work as a vital inclusive space. 


periscope stands for our intentions: we want to generate a stable platform for young artists, offer a place to present, discuss and develop projects. We want to cooperate and link with different people, organisations and social networks, bring together different people with similar interests. We want gain for young art and artist, as well as for periscope as an by artists organised space a place and support in the Salzburg art landscape.


Apart from periscope:project:space, which is the infrastructure we can offer, periscope also offers personal support by each member and friend for projects to be realised. periscope exists as non-profit organisation, with the legal structure of an registered association. The Initiative is carried by commited friends and interested Zeitgenossen on a voluntary basis. Ever since periscope started operating, the project space turned out to be extremely versatile. Now we can say: When we start new projects this one of our propositions. We are very interested in continuously putting this versatility to the test. periscope prefers to realize and helps visualing projects which are distinctive, room-filling and -changing and are dealing with the special space situations we offer.


In other words, it is likley we help you do, what would be difficult in other spaces...




Chair Woman: Mag. Elisabeth Schmirl

Treasurer: Mag. Stefan Heizinger

Secretary: Mag. Bernhard Lochmann